About Me

I began my real estate career 12 years ago and chose to focus on Santa Clara, where I grew up.  I love Santa Clara and literally know every street and neighborhood in this dynamic city. Over the years I have walked every neighborhood and have spoken to hundreds of residents. I enjoyed meeting and listening to original owners tell their stories about what the area was like 50 years ago and the unique details about the history of their neighborhood.  

Over the last ten years I have sold hundreds of homes. Initially it was only 2 or 3 homes a year but grew steady year after year.  I set out to provide a high level of service and value to my clients.  I was confident that with time neighbors would begin to notice the energy and pride I put into selling homes and word would spread about my reputation and dedication to my clients.   

12 years later, I have become the number one agent in Santa Clara home sales.  Although it is a great accomplishment to have grown my business to this level, I am more proud of how I grew it.  Establishing lifelong relationships with the families I have worked with, and knowing how pleased and grateful they have been with the results brings me the most satisfaction.  I am excited about the future of Santa Clara and whatever need you have regarding Santa Clara real estate I would be happy to help you.